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1.0: Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
Section 1.0: Test Your Knowledge
Section 1.0: Identifying Scenario & Questions
2.0: Technologies and Tools
Section 2.0: Test Your Knowledge
Section 2.0: Identifying Scenario & Questions
3.0: Architecture and Design
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1.5.6 Credentialed vs. non-credentialed




Credentialed vs. Non-Credentialed

Credentialed scan gives more information, because you are able to access more information and configuration detailed about a system when logged in with valid privileged credentials. 

Non-Credentialed scan could be used in black box or blind test when you have no knowledge of system accounts.


Credentialed is privileges, like a normal user. 


Non-Credentialed no privileges, like an outsider.

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