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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m Marcel. I’m the founder of Beiostic Media. I was unhappy with the traditional study by the book way of practicing for exams so I set out and created my own course. I gathered a group of certified IT Professionals that I’ve met over the years from working in the IT world and online platforms. Together, we developed our online courses that actually prepare you for the exam and help you remember what you’ve studied.

About Us
At Beiostic Media, we believe continuous learning should be pursued by all individuals of the IT industry. Our goal is to provide you with the best study material possible for you to better grasp a full understanding of all IT subjects to help you complete the various IT courses we offer now and in the future.

Our Mission
Beiostic Media mission is to deliver the best in quality IT training material at a competitive price in order to develop a continuous learning and advancing IT environment. Our expectation is to be a leader in Information Technology education as we look to continuously develop IT professionals in order to provide solutions to their future customers from around the world. 

Online Self Study Course

This course is entirely online and self-study.

Study at your own pace and navigate through our series of text-based modules, quizzes, and practice exams. The online course is mobile compatible and hosted on Beiostic Media website. You will be prompted to create an account, your account will sync with your online course. To access your course, log in to Beiostic Media with your username and password.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee. If you don’t pass your exam with our Online Course (the full course) we will issue a full refund for the cost of your course.

Please note, we do not offer a guarantee for our practice exam courses. This guarantee is for the Online Course only.


To be eligible for our money back guarantee. You must complete the following:

  • Must have fully completed the Comprehensive online course prior to your exam date.
  • Must have completed each quiz prior to your exam date.
  • Must have completed each practice exam prior to your exam date.
  • Must provide proof of failure.

Lifetime Enrollment

You will be granted lifetime enrollment upon the purchase of your course.

We like to leave all of our courses open for life just in case you want to come back to review a topic in the future.

Also, each exam builds off of the prior exam. Your lifetime enrollment ensures that you can come back to freshen up on a topic before you take your next exam.

Automatic Updates

Our courses are automatically updated, at no cost to the user, each time the exam content changes. Whenever the exam changes we update our online course (during the downtime so it doesn’t disrupt studying) to reflect the new content. No need to buy a new course, your online course will always reflect the most up to date exam content.

99% Success Rate

Almost 100%…Thousands have used the Beiostic Media program to pass their exams, with a 99% exam pass rate (compared to the industry average 70% pass rate).

Comprehensive Course (Full Course)

If you are using one of our Comprehensive Online Courses (the full course), no you will not need any other study materials. Our Comprehensive Online Courses cover everything that could possibly be on the exam in extreme detail, no need for other supplemental study material because this course includes:

  • Complete online course
  • 300+ practice questions
  • 4 complete practice exams (90 questions each just like the real exam)
  • Fill in the blank study guide
  • Unit and quiz dedicated to the most important topics
  • Mobile app
  • Money back guarantee
  • 99% success rate


Practice Exam 

If you downloaded one of our Practice Exams (only practice questions), then that decision is up to you and your studying style. Our Practice Exams are strictly practice questions if you want a complete course that covers all of the content of the exam then check out our Comprehensive Courses. Our practice exams courses include:

  • 100+ practice questions
  • Answer explanation for each exam question
  • Insight detailing what to expect from each chapter
  • downloadable pdf

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